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10 Tips to be Successful at work or business

By: Marvin Germo | December 22, 2013

Increase your cashflow!

Throughout the year we’ve talked a lot about business and investing.  That having both businesses and investments would allow you to make your money work hard for you.  Also, for you to have more money to invest, the next step is to increase cashflow!

So how does one increase cashflow?  Either you open up more streams of income, (through either freelance work, buy and sell, etc) or be good in your current line of work so you easily get promoted.

Inline with that, I have asked Mr. Carlo Mata, Managing Director of the Philippine Operations at DSM Manila (White & Case, LLP), to share his 10 tips on how you can be successful at work or in business!

My heart is for you not only for you to increase cash flow and have more money to invest but rather the 10 tips that we have here are things that you can use in and out of work.  Just a disclaimer, this are not 10 things you must do in order to be successful, but rather this are 10 tips that are part of who you are.  Read them, digest them and I believe just like seeds planted, when the time comes that you need them they will bear fruit and you’ll be able to use them.  I wish everyone great success that you be profitable and successful wherever you are in life!

Here are Carlo Mata’s 10 Tips to be Successful at work or business.


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How to earn more

1.      Don’t Stop Learning –

Whatever you do, don’t stop learning.  One of the keys to your career progression will be the added skills and experiences you gain over time.  Be mindful of learning opportunities that may present itself in many different forms. They can be in the form of attending a class offered by your company’s Organizational Development department or a class offered by an external management development company.  Many companies nowadays invest in their people by ensuring ample classroom learning opportunities.  While many more third party companies offer self-development seminars open to anyone. These classes are worth your investment as they will eventually pay you fat dividends in the form of connections and increased knowledge.  As helpful as classroom lectures and seminars are to learning, there is still no substitute to learning through self-experience (On the Job Training). This may be intimidating for many and so finding a mentor to guide you through this will be of great value to you and potentially save you from costly errors.  More on the value of a mentor later.  As a business, the markets needs are constantly changing – having learned it only once is a sure telltale sign of a business in eventual decline.

2.      Be Dependable –

You want to build a reputation of being the person in your company or team who always delivers.  Of course building that reputation takes time and faithfulness.  The good news is that it isn’t always about the BIG things; In fact, it almost always starts with the seemingly little things people take for granted.  As an example, when you are given a task with a deadline, make sure you deliver on that task on or before that deadline.  If you are unable to do so, let your stakeholders know before agreeing to the deadline or the specific deliverable or try negotiating the terms.  It is better than simply saying yes to something that you very well know you can NOT deliver.  When you are dependable, you will be entrusted with more.  In business, when customers know they can depend on you, they will be more than happy to keep coming back to you.

3.      Be Loyal –

Loyalty is an issue of character.  When I first started my career in the BPO industry, I was immature and basically sold my loyalty to the highest bidder. I was jumping from one company to the next.  This poor judgment and lack of character eventually caught up with me and before I knew it, I couldn’t get a single job interview without my loyalty being questioned.  Find a job and company that aligns with your personal and professional goals and values and take the time to be established there. When you take the time to be established, your career will start to take root and bear fruit.  As a business, loyalty to your customers begets loyalty to your company’s products and services. 

4.      Be Clear –

When commuting and trying to get from point A to point B (say by way of public transportation), you need to be clear about the following: 1) Your Destination 2) You Mode(s) of Transport 3) Your Milestones

Your Destination is your “Measurement of Success”.  When commuting, you first check the signage in a bus to know where it is headed BEFORE you get on board not after.  In the workplace, you need to do this as well.  Before you begin an endeavor or project, seek to clarify how you, your team and your boss will define the endeavor to be a success or failure.  Many people do their jobs unsure if they are doing a good job or not. Worse, the employee thinks he is doing a good job and the employer doesn’t agree. They simply are not on the same page.  Defining your Destination or Measurement of Success will help ensure alignment and that performance assessments/feedback stays objective.

Your Mode of Transport pertains to your chosen “Process(es)/Methodology”.  It is your vehicle and route to get to your defined Destination.   There are many ways to get to Ortigas from Makati.  It is important to know and master your chosen route, else you may find yourself wasting precious time and energy trying to get there.  Lastly, it is important to define Milestones on your way to your desired destination.  When driving or commuting, these are known as landmarks. They help tell you whether you are on track to your destination or not. You wouldn’t want to be seeing the Rizal monument on your way to Ortigas from Ayala would you? If you are in business, be clear about your unique product proposition as it is what sets you apart from your competition.

5.      Be Teachable –

No one has all the answers and solutions to every problem.  That includes you.  So be open to feedback and instruction as it will help make you better.  Get in the habit also of doing a post implementation review to look back and revisit some key learning for you and your team members.  This will serve as a blueprint later on and will help you do things even better the second time around.  Lastly, find a mentor you admire and you trust.  A mentor will share valuable insight and wisdom to you and help guide you through difficult challenges at work.  But be careful not to try to please everyone and seek everyone’s approval and insight.  That will simply bug you down and confuse you in the long run.  It takes humility to be teachable. As the Word says, “The Lord despises the proud but gives grace to the humble”. 

6.      Be the one who finds Solutions –

When you look at your social media feeds, it doesn’t take too long to observe all the negativity that comes by people pointing out every little thing that is wrong with the country and the world in general.  People go on endless rants about everything including some pop star they’ve never met and who has no impact on their life.  That problem doesn’t just persist on social media, it is a problem even in the workplace today.  It doesn’t take much talent to point out a problem – too many are already doing it.  Nor is it a gift or talent (if you want to call it that) that adds much value to anything.  But it takes someone special to move from identifying a known problem to finding and working on delivering the solution.  Don’t major on Problem Identification; major in Solutions Delivery. That is the key to successful careers as well as successful businesses

7.      Be a Team Player –

There is an old saying that goes, “Individuals play the game, but teams win championships”.  You are a member of the team and every single one of you play a special role. Understanding that role is important to the harmony and success of the overall team.  If you want to achieve anything of great significance in your career or in your business, you must do it as a TEAM. Even in business, the ones that enjoy long term success are the companies that know how to partner with groups for an even greater cause beyond that of just purely profit making.  When you partner with a bigger team/cause to accomplish bigger things, the fruits and rewards will follow.

8.      Strive to be a Leader of Self first, before of Others

Sometimes the hardest person to lead and work with is yourself.  This is what most people struggle with.  If you’ve ever set New Year’s resolutions at the start of the year only to quit before the end of the first quarter, you know exactly what I mean.  It takes hard work to be disciplined and motivated when things aren’t so “motivating”.  Your ability to lead yourself will greatly determine your ability to lead others.  Likewise, companies that are known to have good corporate governance are some of the most admired and bought companies.

9.      Be Focused

Don’t try to be a jack of all trades but master of none.  It is better to be exemplary in a few things than be average in everything. Companies and consumers seldom seek out Average, but admire the outstanding.  Instead of delving into a thousand different things and doing none of them exemplary well, focus on a few critical things that require your special gift and something that you know you can definitely add special value to.

10.   Be Grateful

Put on a grateful attitude.  Be grateful for what you have now and the people around you.  Remember, thankfulness leads to greater fruitfulness.  Advanced Merry Christmas and Joyful New Year to you all!

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