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PLDT Income up


By: Marvin Germo | April 15, 2018

Current status

With a threat of a third player, the two competing network providers, PLDT and Globe, sought to better their performance by providing its subscribers high-end technology with faster mobile network and broadband connection.

With this moves to better their services, good news comes to PLDT as it manages to gain a 12% increase in its subscriptions at the end of 2017. This totalled to over 4.1 million new subscribers. This increase came from subscriptions in its Fiber, DSL, and voice customers. 2017 was a great year for the company since its total broadband subscription also increased by 131% for the last quarter of the same year.

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Other Initiatives

Apart from the company’s success, it is working and partnering with the local government units (LGUs) in the development of SmartHome, SmartCity and SmartProvince programs. This automation by the use of Smart technology will bring greater convenience to the public since we are moving forward in the digital age. The first SmartCity implemented was in Toledo City, Cebu while the first SmartProvince was in Cavite. PLDT has newly launched its Whole Home Wi-Fi service that will signal devices to connect in an all-in-one broadband and smart Wi-Fi network.

Now when it comes to internet connection, it is undeniable that the more devices that connect to the internet, the lesser its internet speed will be which means all of the users will experience a decrease in processing whatever application or site it is that they are accessing. This shouldn’t be a problem because for those that are still copper-based DSL subscribers, the company aims to change this to a fiber-fast internet soon. The company aims to double its fiber and hybrid fiber broadband capacity while also increasing its total capacity by 80%by the end of 2019.

Where it All Paid Off

Upon the introduction of its fiber and hybrid fiber broadband connections, PLDT immediately gained almost half a million subscribers upon its release. In this age, internet connection is more important than anything else because individuals and businesses thrive on social media accounts/sites and e-commerce, respectively. It is no doubt that having good internet connection is a necessity nowadays.

With PLDT’s on-going developments, its allocated capital expenditure (CAPEX) of P260-billion for five years will support its projects. The objective really of the company is to gain more subscribers as to increase its current market share. If there are more subscribers in its services, this means that the company can derive more profit from it.

The Technicals

The chart shows that the stock is bearish still for the long term. For position traders, there’s no buy signal yet and please stay away from the stock first until a clear reversal emerges.

For quick traders, buy from the bounce off 1,435 and take profits should the stock fail to breakout of 1,530. If the stock breaks out of 1,530, hold your position and adjust your target price to 1,600.

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