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2GO Stock Pick

2GO’s stock is amazing!

By: Marvin Germo | June 7, 2017

A bullish stock will continue to go up until proven otherwise! 2GO is up  325% in just four months with no reversal signal yet! This strong uptrend is a result of the breakout last February! Of course, this bullish sentiment was triggered by SM’s purchase of shares in the company, which caused investors to jump into the boat, thinking that this could be the 4th cash cow of the Sy led group in the coming years.

Stocks By Request

2GO is just part of the 10 stocks that we analyzed as part of our weekly #StocksByRequest. To vote for the top stocks just click this link and post your stocks in my facebook wall with the hashtag #StocksByRequest and the most number of votes will be talked about in the next FB Live session. It’s always an honor to be part of your journey towards financial freedom and I hope in my own way I get to help you become a profitable stock market trader.

2GO Stock Pick

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What are the top 10 stocks requested?

Based on your votes and messages that you have sent, we have: ALI, AC, ICT, 2GO, IMI, AGI, URC, FGEN, MER, and JFC. The discussions about the individual stocks are scattered throughout the video while the basis of the charts are all posted in the end. This allows you to see the stocks play by play and you can use the main charts at the end of the video for your reference should you want to study further.

I do hope this helps you in your trades! God bless you!

Here’s the uploaded Stocks By Request video:

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