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2nd Generation Dubai OFW, moving from consumer to investor

By: Marvin Germo | June 24, 2014

I had the honor of meeting Josh Mallo both in Manila and in Dubai.  I was so inspired about his mindset about not wanting to be an OFW forever!  I loved the steps he took to be able to start investing and to be financially free the soonest possible time.  With his amazing story, I felt that his journey should be heard by so many other OFWs, that I encouraged him to share his story.  My desire for this article is that more and more Filipinos not just in Dubai but in different parts of the world to be financially free!  We have 10 Millions OFWs, how much of an impact this would make if we have all of them saving and investing for the future.  Our economy is growing more than ever and I really believe every Filipino both here and abroad should take part on the action of being financially free!

Enjoy his investing sotry!

Stock Smarts Dubai Don Josh Mallo

(Picture with Josh, his fiance and friends in Stock Smarts Dubai last Feb 2013)

I am a 2nd generation OFW, raised by Filipinos who landed in Abu Dhabi 35 years ago. Growing up in a first world-country with a high-consumerist society, I was exposed to a breezy life. I had little knowledge of life in the Philippines.

Growing up in a foreign country has its advantages and disadvantages. Advantages: 1) generating income is easier 2) I became more confident and well-rounded because I was exposed to different people of various nationalities, and the disadvantage: not being able to live in this country for good.

At 15, I went back to the Philippines to pursue my college degree, determined to finish as soon as possible so that I can start earning for myself. After college, I went back to Abu Dhabi only to be rejected by a series of companies because I was professionally inexperienced. Without financial help from my parents and with only $100 in my pocket and nowhere to go, I went back to the Philippines again. That time, the call center industry was booming so I grabbed the opportunity and landed a job in a BPO sector. I wasn’t proud of it at first, only to realize later that it was the best decision I ever made.

During my stay in the Philippines, I was consumed with so many hardships and struggles. It was far from the comfortable life I had in Abu Dhabi, but I kept moving forward despite the fear of the unknown. I learned to depend on no one but myself, work hard, build connections, live beyond my means, and save whatever I can.

After a year of work experience, I went back to Abu Dhabi, and with the grace of God, I landed and a job in a prestigious oil company.

As I work and became an OFW myself, I got exposed to OFW stories of success and failure. I realized that money does not grow on date palms and oil fields. I would often question myself: “Do I really want to work in this country all of my life and lose the best years of my life by slaving away?”

I’ve heard of countless stories of fellow expats going home empty handed. I won’t EVER let that happen to me. I will not allow my children to become 3rd generation OFWs. I am a Filipino and Philippines is where I belong. Yes, I do love Abu Dhabi, but there’s no place like HOME.

Don Josh Surfing

(Josh Surfing in Dubai)

I inevitably became passionate about getting out of the rat race. Saving money in the bank alone won’t get me far, so I thought of putting up a business in the Philippines, but realized that it would be a bad decision for now because putting up a business requires my hands-on supervision and I can’t go home just yet. I needed a Plan B.

Plan B came when I was chatting with an old friend in the US. He told me about his experiences in the stock market both in the US and the Philippines. At first I wasn’t really listening since I know nothing about it except those that you watch on movies. Soon enough, I got myself curious and hooked. I googled and YouTubed but still could not grasp everything.

One time, I was watching ANC’s “On the Money” and saw Marvin Germo talking about investing.  This got me curious and motivated. I googled him (more like cyber-stalk, really) and watched his clips on YouTube about basic investing and savings.

Inspired by Marvin, and with a big help from my old friend, and a push from my fiancée, I finally opened an account at an online broker to see and feel how the PSE runs. I started with PHP 5,000 because I was still hesitant about investing. After that, I went for a vacation in the Philippines, and thanks to Instagram, I chanced upon Marvin’s post about his first book, “Stock Smarts”.

I sent him a message and asked if we could meet up to purchase his book. Surprisingly, he lives a few blocks from me – it was like God had placed me in the right place and at the right time.

Don Josh Mallo (First time I met Josh)

He was kind enough to meet up with me. I had a wonderful learning experience and it was so humbling to meet selfless people like Marvin who make it their mission to reach out to Filipinos and educate them and help them become financially independent.

To be honest, I haven’t found a clear and simple explanation of investing in the stock market, but Marvin did all of that. His book was very well written and refined in its simplicity and clarity.

Investing changed my life.  I had one of my big wins when I invested in Double Dragon. If I didn’t take a leap of faith, I would not have ridden the bull market. I would not have extra money to pay for my upcoming wedding or help those in need.

I started with nothing and now I am starting to live the good life I could only dream about, and I won’t stop until I reach my goals.

I do hope more Filipinos would be interested and remove the idea that the stock market is just gambling. It’s not gambling if you know what you’re doing. It’s just a matter of proper studying and research: technical analysis andfundamental analysis.

To my fellow OFWs, it’s time to end the rat race, return to our motherland, and most importantly, help our fellow countrymen. Prosperity with a purpose – just like what Marvin says.

Study. Invest. Take a leap of faith. You never know what opportunities will open up!


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