5 Reasons why teachers need to save and invest in the stock market correctly.

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5 Reasons why teachers need to save and invest in the stock market correctly.

By: Marvin Germo | November 2, 2015

I believe the stock market is for everyone who dreams of forging a bigger and brigther future for their family.  However, one of the biggest hindrances of many is that they think that their profession and educational background is a big barrier for them to start to invest in the market.  I’m here to tell you that the stock market is not as hard as what people think it is but rather it is something that you could use from where you our to fullfill your dreams of financial freedom.

This blog post goes to all the teachers out there who would love to start but are intimidated to do so.  What you will see below is a short story written by Renato Nepomuceno, an OFW teacher from Thailand.  He too thought that the stock market was too complicated and too hard to start but that all changed when he started to study.  Now he is an investor who aims to save and invest enough so that he could come home and be with his family.

Let’s check out his’ story and his 5 reasons why he believes teacher should invest in the stock market.

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I’m Renato Gamboa, a husband and a father of 3 children. I’m also an OFW in Thailand. I’ve been teaching in Bangkok since 2008.

Like most OFWs out there, I struggled a lot to save money; since financial education is not taught at home and at school. It really takes a shift in mindset, creating a financial goal and the discipline to overcome a bad spending habits.

After few years of working, I saved a little amount of money, but my money was not growing, it was  shrinking year after year, because of inflation.

I was looking for something better.

So, 3 years ago, I attended a financial literacy where my mentor advised me to build my financial foundation first through health care, life insurance, and mutual funds. He added, that investing directly in the stock market needs a higher level of financial education because it is has a relatively higher amount of risk.

After attending one of the Stock Smarts seminars by Marvin Germo, my misconceptions that the stock market was risky has been changed. After learning the fundamentals and the basic of technical analysis, I realized that everyone can do it. The financial goal that I have for my family, is what motivates me to learn how to do invest correctly.

Currently, I’m still an OFW teacher but now also a happy investor and trader in the the Philippine stock Market.

Proper investing can be a way to financial freedom, so we don’t need to depend on the income from our job in the future.

Furthermore, I believe in God’s plan for each of us. A plan to prosper and not to harm us, a plan to give us hope and a better future.

Continue to prosper….

Here are my 5 reasons why teachers need to save and invest in the stock market correctly:

1. To help change the mindset started with the young children when it comes to money matters.

2. To liberate themselves from bad-debt cycle. As soon as they start working in the public school nowadays, lending institution are lining up to offer something at the lowest interest rates possible. Bad debt can surely trap us financially.

3. The current retirement fund from the government is not enough when you retire and stop working.

4. They have dreams for their family’s financial situation. Learning on how to save and invest correctly in the stock market can help you achieve that dream.

5. You want to leave a legacy to your family. Money might not be the most important thing in life, but it affects all areas of your life.

See you all in Stock Smarts Thailand this January!

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