5 Things to Expect from the Philippine Economy in 2016

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5 Things to Expect from the Philippine Economy in 2016

By: Marvin Germo | November 4, 2015

The Philippine economy is as amazing as it can be!  A growing economy will lead you to have to a greater conviction to invest further specially in stocks, equity funds, real estate and in starting your own business!  You have to undestrand that nothing has changed in our economy, what used to be good is just getting better and better.  To add to that, next year will be an election year and history has shown us that election spending will help  propel our economy even higher.

With that, I believe that it’s time for more and more of us to take part of our economy and invest!  I dream of a day that we see more and more Filipinos learn about investing and put their salary and bonuses to invest.

Just for this post, I have asked a friend and an amazing economist, Alvin Ang to share his quick thoughts on where you can expect the economy to go this 2016!

1.  Election spending will push economic growth faster.  The main beneficiary among listed companies – power, telecoms and consumer stocks.

Election Earnings

2.  GDP will remain around 6-6.5% as agriculture will remain a drag due to El Nino.

PH Economy

3.  Exports will remain weak as the world adopts to China’s normalizing growth.

Philippine Exports

4.  Public infrastructure will be full blast to meet the deadline of the current admin adding to public expenditure.  

Construction PH

5 – OFW remittances will normalize in growth to about 4% but the BPO industry will compensate making dollar earnings stable.

OFW Investing


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