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5 Tips On How To Live A Debt-Free Life

By: Marvin Germo | March 17, 2019

Losing Money On Debts

Getting into debt might be the biggest challenge of time. When you have debts, you don’t just lose money while paying the interests, you also lose your privilege to invest because you keep on using the money you have to pay the principal and the fees attached to it. Imagine paying 5 or more different lenders monthly with your minimum salary. The chances are, you will borrow again just to pay your existing loans. So, is there any way to get out of it? Yes, there is! In this article, I am going to show you 5 simple ways on how you can live debt-free.

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Simplify Your Lifestyle

Before you can recover from your debts, you have to simplify your lifestyle. Forget about your expensive frappe, coffee, shoes, bags, and other things you can kept on spending on. Go back to the bare essentials. Remember, you don’t need too expensive stuff to live and rock your life. You can always find cheaper things that have the same quality you prefer.

Get More Income

The secret to paying your debts faster? Find more sources of income. If you are buried in 5 or more kinds of debts and your only source of cash is your salary, it would take you years to pay for them if you don’t look for other income channels. If you’re a full time employee, you can look for passive or active income like online selling, freelancing, and investing.

Sell What You Don’t Need

List down all the things that you own and filter those you need and you don’t need. Sell what you don’t need so you can get extra cash you can use to pay the portion of your debts. It’s a simple act to help you declutter your stuff while earning from the selling them.

Cut Your Credit Cards

Having credit cards is not bad. It’s fine to own some as long as you are paying the full instead of minimum. If you keep on paying the minimum, you will have the pay for interests until you fully paid your debts. If you do this, your loan will keep on compounding. The best way to get out of debt is to cut your credit cards. This is how you can avoid the temptation of using it.

Attack the Debts with Highest Interests

Pay for the loan with the highest interest first. If you think you can’t pay your debts all at once, aim to retain those with low interest rates. This is a strategy of minimizing the payments you are making while slowly finishing off your other debts.

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