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7 Reasons why a wife, wants her OFW Husband Home

By: Marvin Germo | June 27, 2014

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What I love about what I do is I get to meet a lot of people who are passionate about helping more Filipinos become financially free.  I met Carmi Cristobal, in #ICON2013 last year.  What I like about her is she has such a fire within her to help more Filipinos become financially free.  Having the opportunity to get to know her more in more recent financial events, I found out that she is a wife of an OFW working in Saudi.  That they have been 4 years married, however, due to the fact that his husband work abroad they have only spent 1 year fully together and the remaining 3 years they have spent apart.


I hope her story and pointers would encourage you to start saving and investing while your spouse is still working abroad.  Or if you are an OFW yourself, I hope that this also serves as an inspiration for you to think and assess your finances to eventually start saving and investing.

My desire is to see more and more OFWs learn to save and invest.  That when they comeback home their financial conditions would be so much better than when they left the country.  We have 10 Million Filipinos abroad.  I’m excited what will happen when majority of them start saving and investing!  How good will there financial future be?  How strong would our economy and markets be if there’s more money invested!

Enjoy the article!

Here are the first events for the year!  I will give you an update on our live sessions on UAE, Qatar and Iloilo in the next few weeks!  The heart of why I do this seminars is I want to build a generation of Filipinos with the right foundation in stock investing.  I want to bring smart investing to every Filipino around the world!  This is my passion and this is what I want to do over and over!  To bring more consumers to investors!  In this sessions, I will be teaching different techniques from how to select the right stocks up to how to find the perfect timing in buying and selling stocks.

Today marks me and my husband’s 4th wedding anniversary- June 26 (time of writing).  I guess this marks the first reason why I wanted my husband to come back home – so we can celebrate our anniversary together, go to church, have a romantic date in a fancy restaurant, buy me chocolates and shoes (I don’t like flowers), and  watch a movie. But because he is away I celebrated it alone physically.

I am a better half of an Overseas Filipino Worker (OFW), who works in the Middle East. I learned that an estimated 40% of the total population of OFW’s go to this region to work on contract because the opportunities are endless.  Just a little background, my husband used to work here but with the increasing household demand and cost of living, we have decided to part ways – physically. Our relationship though, gets stronger each day  and our little child brings us closer together. I’ve always believed that this is the best plan our Father had laid upon us in this season of our lives.

However, being married, in all intents are purposes should mean, us being together – at all times.  This is the challenge that we are facing. It’s not easy being in this situation, I bet no wife would wish their husband to be away just to make money and to be left home living on their own.  We should be growing together – physically, spiritually and financially.  As a wife, it is always a great feeling to have someone listen to your not-so-interesting-day-stories and vice versa.

We want a normal life like everyone else, below are the 7 reasons why I want my husband to go back:

1.  I want him to come back because I want us to celebrate our wedding anniversaries together, not just now but for years to come.

2.  I want him to come back because we want to have our “King” back in our castle. I dream that one day, we are all together, bringing our kids to school, fetching them afterwards and have some play time together.  That both of us play a key role in giving our children the appropriate guidance as they grow up.  As the “King” of the castle, we are also looking forward to serve him – like take his shoes back to the rack after a long day at work, give him a little massage, serve him good food at the dining table.

3.  I want him to come back, because a wife needs a husband to give her a warm good night hug, a comforter when she is upset, a protector when she feels in danger, a strength when she’s weak. It’s not every day that I can take everything alone – stress at work and home, bills payment, budget for the kids, emergency issues, business problems.  Sometimes, a little comfort goes a long way and having him miles away can’t help.

4.  I want him to come back because I believe this country needs his expertise as entrepreneur. He is real good in business, and in all other things. I can tell why companies in Middle East would hire him. I wanted to run and explore our little business with him; I think he is better off running it than me. I sometimes become emotional that I wanted to close the business down.

5.  I want him to come back so that we could be healthier physically and emotionally.  Health is wealth.  Cliché as it may sound, I dream of jogging with him before sunrise while planning for the whole day (I like this because it’s cheap – only running shoes is needed), have a good walk in the afternoon after a long day in the office while we settle down the day at the same time sharing day stories, cook him good food at home (cheaper again) and a massage at night (no need to go to SPA – cheap again).

6.  I want him to come back because I want us to be an inspiration to our fellow OFW’s about our financial literacy mission. That we are once an OFW family that has gone home and stayed home! We are proud being OFWs and that we have surpassed the challenges and at the same time do the right thing on properly handling our hard earned money.  We want the whole world to know that we are rich not because we have a lot of money but we are handling it well for His glory.

7.  This is the most important reason, I believe God wants families to be together and I beleive in His perfect time, he will be right here again.

Stay tuned for Part 2: As I talk about the 7 reasons how I can help to make my husband come back.

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