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A Tribute to our Fallen 44

By: Marvin Germo | January 30, 2015

I’m taking a pause from the stocks and finance blogs that I normally write to give honor to our fallen heroes.   Some of them were just my age and still had their whole lives infront of them.  But because of their brave acts of heroism what should have been a life filled with destiny and purpose was cut short due to ravage acts of terrorism.

SAF 44

I am not a political person, as I always had the belief that change starts from within.  That I can make a difference wherever I am at in life.  That change in the Philippines starts in where I choose to make it happen.

I am writing this blog to honor our heroes.  I may not know their names and may never had the chance to salute them and give them gratitude when they were still alive.  But what they have all have done, their brave acts of valor will never be forgotten.  In a world of “me first, what can I get from it culture”  it’s just amazing to see 44 people giving up their lives so all of us here can live and go about our normal lives.

To the SAF44, you will never be forgotten.  You are our heroes, who fought in the shadows without the glitz and the glamour but just pure love for the red, white and blue.  I do not know how big the hurt and pain this is causing your families and love ones.  But one thing I know is for sure, what you have done will be a memorial to future Filipinos.  I believe that your sacrifice will spring forth real people with genuine love for the Philippines to step out and make a difference and take this country forward.

To every full blooded Filipino who desires to move our country forward.  It’s time for you to step out and take your place.  It’s time for you to excel in your fields, to open the businesses that you have dreamed of or to even take positions in government with integrity and just an honest to goodness desire to make the country better.  Let us not allow their sacrifice to just remain a sacrifice but let us use this to springboard our country to greater heights.  It can be done and it all starts with all of us wokring together and making a difference.

This is our time, this is our chance to steer this country towards the right direction.

To our heroes.  I honor and respect you.  God Bless you and your families.  God Bless the Philippines.

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