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By: Marvin Germo | August 11, 2017

Hi Mr. Germo! I am one of your followers from Singapore! Can you feature more US Stocks for the benefit of your followers overseas? I invest in the Philippines, Singapore and US Markets like what you taught us before.

Thank you!

George L
Engineer, Singapore

Hi George! Thank you for that request! This post is for you and to everyone who have been sending out requests for stocks outside the Philippines! For this post, allow me to zero in on AAPL.


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I have been a long time fan of the company! What’s so amazing about Apple is its brand. It has such an amazing brand that no matter what other companies throw out there, no matter how high tech or more advance their specs are people still flock to Apple and that’s one amazing intangible that this stock has. This is in a world post Steve Jobs.

Looking at the fundamentals, the company’s ROE is amazing at 36, it’s debt is manageable and the company is very liquid should any uncertainties occur. As a bonus it gives you a 1.5% dividend yield, not so attractive as other high paying dividend companies but its an additional source of cashflow given that the stock price is still appreciating. It also has a strong balance sheet and a large stockpile of cash!

What concerns me about Apple though is the lack of innovation the past few years. It’s just been a faster camera, a faster processor, a bigger screen, a faster response time, so on and so forth. It needs to create something game changing again to make it as relevant as before. This is evident in it’s net income from 2012 – 2016, as we really haven’t seen an enormous increase in income like when the first Iphone and Ipad were released. It’s net income has somehow slowed down just hovering close to 40 Billion US Dollars with the exception of 2015.

The chart below shows us that the stock reversed into a midterm uptrend last June 10 at around 146 USD per share. Based on the charts, the stock is still moving up and progressing in its uptrend. As of this point, we have no sell signal yet for the stock and oscillators are still showing us a bullish bias and momentum is still headed up.

The upward movement is also triggered by the breakout from 155 USD per share. If the stock stays above 155 USD we have a short to mid term target price of 180 USD per share for AAPL! Will keep you posted for more developments in the stock and should there be any reversal sell signals in the future!

Hope this helps you move closer towards financial freedom!

APPL Stock

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