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AGI to Escape the Downtrend?

By: Marvin Germo | November 25, 2014

AGI has been one of the most battered stocks since April this year!  For the past 7  months, we have seen AGI drop and drop and to even drop further.  As what I always say in our technical analysis sessions, our goal is not to buy stocks when they are falling but rather when they have fallen are about to reverse back up.

AGI Nov 26 2014

Looking at the chart above, it seems like AGI has formed a good buying base at around 23 Pesos per share.  As a trader and investor, what we need to look out for now is the price range near 25.60 Pesos per share.  If AGI goes above that and stays above that price range convincingly, it will do something that it has not done in the past 7 months, that is — to escape from a downtrend!

Watch 25.60, if AGI goes above it and stays above it, we’ll we may just see it move up again and finally start to reverse and trend up!  I hope this chart would significanly help you in your trading!  I am looking forward to the day that we would see 10 Million Filipino traders and investors!  I believe this can be done!  It all starts from you being profitable, that as you become profitable more people will beleive that investing in the stock market can be done successfully by anyone and everyone!

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