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By: Marvin Germo | September 28, 2019

How Much Are The Shares Of AllHome?

Everyone is excited to finally know that AllHome has already a final price for its initial public offering (IPO). It is now set at P11.50 each and it is considered as the low end of its indicative range. The earlier target of AllHome was P16 apiece where it would have raised funds worth of P20.7 billion. Obviously, the P11.50 price now is lower than the earlier price. AllHome can still raise funds up to P14.878 billion if it can sell up to 1.29 billion shares, of which 1.125 billion are common shares and 168.75 million shares are a portion of the overallotment option. Let’s see the other information about this IPO.

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Offer Period

AllHome will have its offer period from September 30 to October 4 and its listing at the Philippine Stock Exchange is set on October 10. Finally, the time has come for investors to buy the first stocks owned by the Villars. While it’s okay to buy shares from existing companies that have been using equity to fund their business, it’s also good to explore businesses that are now embracing equity as their source of capital. A lot of IPOs have circulated the corporate world this year and AllHome is one of the best companies where you can invest so far. If you are into real estate and you want to try out investing and trading stocks, you can invest in this firm.

Uses Of Proceeds

Of course, the news won’t be completed without the disclosure of the uses of proceeds. According to the firm, the proceeds from the issuance of IPO will be used to build 43 stores until 2020. These 43 stores are included in the 45 new projects the firm will construct in the same period. A tranche of the proceeds will be utilized to repay loans which were used as initial working capital of its existing 20 stores. Upon listing, the firm will have a market capitalization of up to P60 billion and a public float of 34.5%.

Past Performances Of AllHome

AllHome posted a P207.1 million net profit during the first quarter of 2019. This is five times higher than its 2018’s P43.6 million net profit. Meanwhile, the revenue went up to P2.38 billion or 68% higher than in the same period last year. The timing for AllHome to do IPO this year is perfect since the market has gone up and it’s continuously improving. The stocks of Villar have a great performance, which is ideal for investors in today’s market. The news that the firm is preparing for IPO could be the reason why Wilcon slipped by a total of 7% during the last four trading seasons.

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