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Pre Need Plans


By: Marvin Germo | September 13, 2017

Are you thinking of where to put your children’s college tuition or your pension when you retire?

The Philippines has been hit by so many Pre-need plans that have folded over the past few years. Our family for one, has been hit by these companies that have over promised but under delivered. I remember it as clear as day when College Assurance Plan (CAP) closed down many years back. My brother was not able to fully claim the college tuition that was due to him my. My mom lost tons of possible sources of cash that she should have been enjoying now at retirement from the pension plans that she invested in when she was younger.

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This video talks about why pre-need plans are risky and why many of them in the past have closed down. It also talks about proper ways on how you could plan for your future and other alternative investments that are available where your money can yield better results without the risk that it gets mismanaged or somehow the company you invested in will fold up when you need the money.

I hope this helps you reach your goals of Financial Freedom!

Enjoy the video! 

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