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Are there companies that will never shut down?

By: Marvin Germo | April 18, 2019

It’s Possible For Companies To Survive Challenges In The Market

Is it possible for companies to run even after storms in the market? Are there companies that will never close down? Is it sustainable to retain your investments in a company that you think will continue running in the future? The answer for these questions is a big yes if you know how to spot on good companies that will live longer than others. You can invest for years in a company provided you’re keeping a record of their performance over time. The best way to foresee if it’s a good firm is how they manage to pay its debts. If a company can’t pay its debts anymore, that’s the time you need to ask yourself if the investment is still worth it. If it’s not earning anymore, better pull out your money and look for another one.

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Good Companies Will Never Run Out Of Sales 

It is true that good companies will never have a zero revenue whether it’s after 10 or 20 years. One indication that a company will never close down is if its products and services are continuously serving the needs of the most customers in the market. It’s also great to consider the competition in the industry. If you plan to invest in a small or new company that you know will struggle because of big businesses like SM, Ayala, and Jollibee, it’s better to have your second thought on this for a greater outcome.

Utility Companies

Utility companies are an example of possible businesses that will never close down. Electricity, water, and internet are part of the basic needs of people, regardless of what generation it is. Customers can’t live without power and water. This is the reason why companies like Meralco will continue to serve more people while earning more because of the increasing power consumption. Aside from it, the competition in utility industry is lesser unlike in the other business sector.

Food Companies

Considering that people always eat out, good food companies will never close down. One example of a good food business is Jollibee. Its patrons have seen how its services and meals evolve over time. The advancement of technology has helped the firm to serve better and provide an easier access to customers even at home. Just observe how convenient the delivery systems of food companies are today. Whether you are a millennial or not, you will always find a way to get the food you’re craving for. The fact that food is a basic need of people, this industry will always keep running.

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