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Ask Marvin: SM and the PSEi Rebalancing

By: Marvin Germo | March 13, 2017

I love question and answer sessions as it allows me to interact with all of you.  During this Facebook Live Session of ask Marvin a couple of interesting questions came out from IPOs, to the drop of SM and the PSEi and so much more!  Check out the video below for the entire session!  You don’t have to be a stock market expert to earn money in stocks.  You just have to know the right foundation in both technicals and fundamentals and create your own buying and selling parameters from that.

Ask Marvin

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Here are some of the things discussed in the FB Live session:

1. SM’s big drop

2.  The PSEi Rebalancing

3.  The Wilcon Depot IPO

4.  The FED rate hike

5.  Puregold vs Emperador

6.  How do you select blue chip stocks

7.  My take on NOW and CHP

8. Will Construction and Tourism boom in the country?

9. Optimism on our amazing economy

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