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Battered stocks for 2013

By: Marvin Germo | December 26, 2013

The market moved so strong and straight from the tail end of 2012 to May 2013.  After massive selling by foreign funds last May, our market dropped to a point even lower to where we started this year.  At 5,854 we see a lot of stocks battered from it’s highs when the PSEI hit 7,400.  After writing the Mythical Five of Stocks, I just had an idea of writing the benchwarmers for the year.  Benchwarmers meaning stocks that from their highs for this year dropped significantly in reference to the last traded price of December 23, 2013.  You may take this data as reference and may use it to what you see fit in your trading and investing!

Excluding the Mining Sector

Mining is the laggard for the year.  If other stocks were battered how much more for the mining sector.  It’s been a combination of government regulations for mining companies without operations while operating companies have been hit by commodity prices or calamities that may have halted operations and dampened earnings.  So for this study we are removing mining stocks.

For your reference here are the top losers for the year for mining:

Battered Stocks for 2013

Also, I did not go through every stock in the market.  It was a choice around 115 stocks that had a combination of undervalued stocks, stocks in growing sectors, and stocks that have been talked about  and received a certain amount of volume at a certain point this year.

The basis is the highest price for the past 52 weeks compared to the price as of December 23, 2013.

*MBT with a 30% Stock Dividend

How does this help you?

1.  If you are an investor at heart and have the patience to wait it out.  Check which stocks are undervalued, if you are patient the difference from the 52-week high may be your potential upside.  Take note the key is they have to be undervalued and earning.

2.  If you area trader and use technicals wait for it to move from bearish to bullish and for it recover or turn around before buying.  What we want to avoid is buying stocks that are falling.  It would be best to catch those stocks when the selling pressure has stopped and a new set of buyers are willing to enter.

This is a compilation for your reference, however the best place for you to be is to analyze this stocks based on valuations, fundamentals and technicals.  The goal for this is for you to build your own conviction on which stocks are worth buying and selling.

I wish you all the best as we close 2013 and we open up 2014!


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