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By: Marvin Germo | September 6, 2019

Are You Ready To Quit Your Job?

Your 20s to 30s are the years for building your own empire. Before you quit your job, ask yourself if you are ready to do it physically, mentally, and financially. Regardless of what type of job it is—day, night, part-time, or full time, you need to be reminded of some important things before you decide to quit. Quitting is not always the solution especially if you want to be successful in your chosen career path. You have to brainstorm to discover alternatives if needed. But if you are really hoping to retire soon, here’s what you need to remember.

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Are You Financially Ready?

Do you have any other source of income aside from your job? Are your other sources sustainable? Would it be beneficial for you to quit your job? Some people have only one source of earnings and that is their job. For most who are working in the corporate world, their position defines their financial capability. This might be applicable to you if you haven’t started your investments yet. Make sure you have enough savings or retirement fund that can sustain you for the rest of your unemployed years. Before you decide to leave your job, ask yourself—are you financially ready?

Do You Have Any Back Up?

I had interviews with full-time employees before who quit their job to do what they truly want in life and all of them had their back up—passive income or business. They are either running a stable business or they have enough investment to cover up for their future expenses. Do you have any back up that could serve as an alternative in case you leave your job? Is it something worthy to replace your employment? If you think this alternative can support you throughout these years, then quit your job. Focus on investing. Focus on running your business. Do not give up your goal to achieve financial freedom just because you left your job.

Are You Ready To Retire?

Some are used to being employed, which is why even in their years of retirement, they still choose to work for an employer. Leaving your job means giving up your daily 8-hour responsibility when you were still employed. It means there is more time to do the things you love other than your job. But if you are someone who cannot survive the day without being preoccupied with tons of workloads, ask yourself if you are ready to retire from work already. Make sure that when you quit, you are firm with your decision so that you won’t struggle coming back to your old position again.

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