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Bloom to 17 Pesos per Share?

By: Marvin Germo | October 24, 2014

After breaking a relatively long resistance at the 14.17 range Bloom is as bullsih as ever.

Bloom Oct 24 2014 b

What’s next?

If Bloom can stay above the 14.17 price range it can be well poised to go up and challenge 17 pesos per share!  At this point it may still present a 16.8% increase if the breakout is strong and valid.

If 14.17 does not hold?

A short drop over the short term may bring to 13.8 to as low as 13.2.

As always no matter how bullish the stock is, your goal is to stick to your plan and strategy no matter what!  The best place for you to be in as an investor is for you to follow your conviction in your trades.  You win and lose by the strategy you produce and earning is just a by product of what you know inside.

God bless you and may #ChartSmarts help you more in your trading and investing!


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