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Bloomberg Stock Pick


By: Marvin Germo | June 20, 2017

Sharing this Bloomberg TV Philippines Interview hosted by Shawn Yao where I had the chance to share and talk about Wilcon Depot, Manila Water, Store Specialist Inc. and the PSEi as a whole. For those who are trading the markets I hope this helps you have a reference point in your trades. While for those who have yet to invest, I hope this gets you interested on the amazing journey of stock trading and investing.

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Here are the stocks:

1. MWC

Story: Rate hike approved for its subsidiary Boracay Island Water.
Fundamentals: Solid and steady earnings growth, 2.80% Dividend Yield, ROE = 12
Technicals: The stock bounced from the support at 30.
For quick traders, take profits if the stock fails to breakout at 33.Should a breakout from 33 would occur adjust your target price to 36-37.
For position traders, hold your positions as the stock is still trending up and no trend reversals have been spotted.

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2. SSI

Story: Earnings are starting to pick up again and income is turning around from a bad 2016.
Fundamentals: The company turned a profit in the first quarter of 2017 as compared to a net loss in the forth quarter of 2016. It has also closed retail spaces that have been losing money.
Technicals: After the breakout from 2.65 the stock has not looked back.
For quick traders, If the stock stays above 3.50, the first short term target price could be pegged at 3.75, should it break 3.75 upward, set your target price to 4.5. Make sure to sell also if the stock fails to hold 3.50.
For position traders, hold your positions as the stock is still trending up and no trend reversals have been spotted. The stock will stay bullish as long as the stock stays above 2.65.

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Story: Growth in both earnings and expansion prospects.
Fundamentals: Great 2016 earnings results coupled by the target of 28 new stores in the next 5 years and 7 new stores in the next year.
Technicals: After the breakout from 5.5, the stock just keeps going higher with no significant resistance yet in sight.
For quick traders, should the stock have a hard time to breakout of 7, the stock may start to correct a bit. However should it breakout from 7, adjust your target price to 9.
For position traders, hold your positions as the stock is still trending up and no trend reversals have been spotted. All indicators are pointing towards a bullish undertone with momentum still pointing upward.

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4. PSEi

Story: Net foreign buying has continued to increase as trigged by the passage of the tax reform bill in congress.
Fundamentals: Fundamentals remain intact and the economy remains to be amazing, valuations though places the PSEi at 19x P/E as compared to 15x P/E among our peers in the region.
Technicals: The stock is close to the resistance at 8,000/8,100, expect a level of selling as the market tries to approach those levels. Should it fail to breakout of 8,000 levels, a possible retracement to 7,700 is possible.
For quick traders, should the market breakout of 8,100 levels the PSEi could start to progress to 8,300-8,5000.
For position traders, the market is still relatively sideways, it would be good to respect the support and resistance of the market and just trade for the meantime.

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