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Breakout Stocks

Breakout Stocks!

By: Marvin Germo | June 29, 2017

This is a partial coverage of the breakout stocks that we mentioned in our previous posts about MRSGI,  SSI, WLCON and now we are adding VLL to the mix! Keep on sending your entries so we can feature them, track them and so that you can use them as a reference point for your trades. The next FB Live session will be this Thursday, 7pm, in my FB Page. You may click the notifications portion of my page so you get updated every time we have a live session!

I have been enjoying posting and creating more content for all of you. Whether it be from this website or youtube,  it’s just a joy to be able to communicate and impart proper trading principles that’s not based on speculation and hype. It’s 1 am here in Manila as I create this blog post but I am as energetic as I can be! It’s really true that when you find something you are passionate about you will keep on doing it because it never feels like work!


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The stock closed at 4.12 today, this is still inline with our upward projection based on the breakout from 3.75. As of this writing, SSI still remains bullish on all fronts with no sell signal for both quick and position traders. For quick traders, the short term target price is now pegged at 4.5. If 4.5 is broken, adjust your target price to 5.1.

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The stock is still also progressing from its breakout, its move to 9 is still pretty much in play as oscillators and indicators are still pointing into a bullish upward formation. Similar to SSI we still don’t have any sell signal. For quick traders, a failure to breakout from 9 could trigger a sell signal for you.

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After successfully breaking out from resistances at 3.9, 4.15 and 4.3, the stock continues to be on a tear! It has been slaying sellers and it just continues to go up! As of this point, there is no sell signal for the stock, unless the stock fails to breakout of 4.9, quick traders may consider that as an area to sell.

However should it breakout of 4.9, a move up to 5.20 for the short term is still in sight. This premise will remain valid as long as the stock holds above 4.70. The stock is bullish for the long term as well so we don’t have any sell signals yet even for position traders.

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The stock brokeout of 6 two days ago. If it continues to stay above 6, the next target price is 6.35. All signals still point to a bullish undertone. No sell signal for both quick and position traders as of this point. Hold.

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