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Should I Buy Amazon

Should I Buy Amazon’s Stock?

By: Marvin Germo | March 10, 2017

“Hi Mr. Germo, this is Patricia, I am not yet a stock market expert like you.  But I am one of your biggest fans here in Los Angeles, too bad I missed your seminar here in the states 2 years ago.  I just want to ask what’s your take on AMZN?  I read your books and from what I read it seems that the stock is poised for growth even for years to come.  What does the technicals say?”

Patricia G, Los Angeles, California

Should I Buy Amazon

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Hi Patricia, first of all it’s an honour to be part of you investing journey!  Don’t worry I will be back in the states soon! Will keep you posted on the date should we do a seminar in the west coast! My advise to you, just keep on learning and investing!  Glad that you are going for tech stocks as well! I believe tech is the wave of the future!  Even Warren Buffet is now into tech! That’s why even in the Philippines I am inspired by both Xurpas and Xeleb for putting the Philippines in the tech map!

Looking at the business

I believe Amazon is the present and future of the industry.  It is devouring Walmart in terms of online retail sales! If you think e-commerce is big now, wait until majority of the emerging markets have access to credit cards and smart phones. In terms of analysis, try to analyse AMZN like you would study most tech companies.  They are growing and earning fast but the trade off is they are relatively expensive and you can’t really expect to earn dividends from them. The appeal of tech stocks is what they can be in the future based on how they are building their base now.  That’s why I remain to be a big fan of FB, GOOG, and AAPL even up to now. Also you are correct that it is prudent to use technical analysis when trading and investing tech stocks because it allows you to follow where the trend is headed.

What do the charts say?

From a position trading perspective the stock is still in a long term uptrend and is worth holding onto specially if pullbacks would happen in the stock. I think if you are a position trader the cheapest that you could buy the stock while still maintaining its uptrend is when it hits 705 USD.


Quick Trading

If you are a quick trader though, buy the stock now as long as it stays above 845 USD.  I believe it it stays above 845 USD the next target price of AMZN will be 1,000 USD.

AMZN Stock Picks

Continue trading and investing

Hope this helps you!  I am glad that this website is reaching out not just to Filipinos investing in the PSE but to different kababayans based in different parts of the world.  God bless you as you live and push towards Financial Freedom.

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