By 2020, the Philippines will have the 2nd Biggest Economy in SouthEast Asia! - Marvin Germo

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By 2020, the Philippines will have the 2nd Biggest Economy in SouthEast Asia!

By: Marvin Germo | September 3, 2014

We may not have a perfect economy, yes there are imperfections here and there.  But one thing is true, we are so much better than where we we’re before.  There’s so much good things to talk about inspite of bad news we hear time in and time out.  Our economy grew 6.4% for the 2nd quarter of the year making us still at the helm of being one of the fastest growing economies in Asia!  I believe in our economic miracle and that we are on our way to makes waves in the region!

Economic Powerhouse

Currently, we are the 5th biggest economy in South East Asia but if we continue to grow at the rate that we are going now we are poised to be the 2nd biggest economy in the region by 2020.  Below is a chart via Philippines on where we could be over the next 6 years.  By 2020, we wil be trailing Indonesia and would have surpassed Malaysia and Singapore in terms of size!  This is truly something to talk about and to aspire for!

GDP by 2020

Greater days are ahead.  We may have hiccups along the way but I beleive it’s all about us together making a difference in this nation.  The more we are invested, the bigger our participation in the growth of our economy.  My greatest desire that as the economy grows so does all of us.  It’s time that we spread the wealth of this nation and that all of us be a part of teh growth.

This is what will give us the confidence to invest in the country!  Knowing that our future is bright and knowing that greater days area ahread of us!


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