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By: Marvin Germo | November 3, 2019

You Can Get Rich On Your Own

Can you rich even if you are born into a poor family? Is getting rich on your own possible? The answer is yes. You don’t actually have to start with a large amount of money to get rich. You don’t need your family’s wealth to start your successful journey. Even without money and properties as inheritance, you can start earning on your own, save it, then invest it so you can have sustainable passive income as you continue your job, business, or whatever it is that keeps your income flowing. So if you are wondering how is this possible, today I will share with you the effective ways on how you can build your empire.

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Poor Mindset

Forget about being born into a poor family. Change your mindset. Do not dwell on something that’s temporary. Your suffering today is temporary and it can change anytime once you forget about the mindset of being poor. Instead of thinking of being poor forever, think like the business tycoons here in our country. Think like an entrepreneur. If you think that you will never recover from all your financial hardships, you are not thinking well. Always imagine the world outside the box.

Save And Invest

Since you will start from nothing, it is important that you know how to save and invest. Saving is not just putting your money in your bank account. It is an activity that should be done regularly and consistently. Let’s say you are earning a regular job. You should set a percentage of your salary that you can put in your savings account and you should do it every month, not just once a quarter or once a year. Meanwhile, for investing, you should study how to invest first because this is where you make your savings earn passively.

Stop Depending On Others

If you want to get rich on your own, you must stop depending on your family financially. Building your financial empire takes courage and if you are still included in the budget of your parents, think about it thoroughly. You have to be independent if you want to get rich on your own. I know this is a bit of challenging advice especially to those who are not yet capable to provide for themselves. But think about this—if you won’t start doing things on your own today, when will you do it? When will you have the courage to earn on your own if you will not try?

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