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Cebu Pacific is the 2nd Most Profitable Airline in SouthEast Asia!

By: Marvin Germo | September 19, 2014

Good news to all Cebu Pacific holders!  After years of agony, Cebu Pacific is now the 2nd most profitable airline in SouthEast Asia!  Beating out other premeire airlines in SE Asia like Singapore Airlines (subpar earnings) and Thai Airways (net loss for the fiscal year 2013)

Cebu Pacific

Cebu Pacifc used to be mocked as being cheap and just a budget airline.  But look at where it is now!  With a net income of 3 Billion Pesos for the 1st half of the year, Cebu Pacific is here to show the world the Filipino companies can make it!

Even the charts validate it!  After more than 3 years of being in the stock market, CEB has broken out of the downtrend convincingly for the very first time!

Ceb Sept 19 2014

The stock is now bullish and has been up by 54% since the uptrend started!  It can go to as high as 84 pesos per share if it successfully breaksout of 70!  Greater days are indeed ahead for this stock!  For those who have been long term investors in pain and agony this may be a good time for you to be excited for the stock!

Cebu Pacific

As technicals and fundamentals are starting to line up, this is such a great story of how a local company can break through and make it as one of the best in the region!  If Cebu Pacific can breakout from a slump so can you!  It’s now time to act, trade well, move forward and live your best life now!  God bless you as you move towards financial freedom!


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