#ChartSmarts - June 27, 2014 - Marvin Germo

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#ChartSmarts – June 27, 2014

By: Marvin Germo | June 27, 2014

Thanks to everyone who enjoyed our #ChartsSmarts!  Thank you for sending in your tweets and messaged over facebook!  For those who missed it, this were the actual tweets and charts!


SMPH, has a resistance at 16.4. If it drops further from 16, we could see it go down to 15-15.6.

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IF JFC does not go higher than 178. It could drop to 168-172.

RWM is still bearish.  The breakout is now set at 9.6.  A breakout from 9.6 will give RWM the potential to go to as high as 10.16 – 11.15. 
Metrobank is in an uptrend.   It may be possible that it could continue to break and go to as high as 93!  If MBT fails to go up, it may drop to 85-86 pesos per share. 
BDO is interesting. It looks like it has broken out of the resistance of 92.55.  If the breakout progresses, BDO could go to as high as 97! 
PCOR has bounced from the support of 11.8. After it bounced wonders happened!  Currently it has now broken out of 2 resistances.  Next target for it is 13.4 if the breakout continues.
After PGOLD dropped from the support last May 2014, it’s now moving sideways and going nowhere.  The cheapest place to buy PGOLD now based on the charts is at 41.  Trading range for PGOLD is set at 41-44.    
 If DMPL continues its slide we could see it drop further to 20.35.
PX has broken out of an almost 1 year resistance of 9.9.  This is validated by the price action to 12.32.   If PX breaks higher than 12.32 we could see this stock go to as high as 13.84!Congratulations!
DNL has been sideways for the past 2 months or so.   It has then dropped as it hit its resistance at 9.88.  A possibly drop to 9.25 if selling continues.


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