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ChartSmarts – Most Requested Stock Charts of the Week (Sept 11, 2014)

By: Marvin Germo | September 11, 2014

Thanks to everyone who participated in the September 11, 2014  edition of ChartSmarts over twitter!  For this week the following stocks got the most number votes:


Again thank you so much for always supporting #ChartSmarts and I hope that this charts help serve as a reference point in your trades.  My desire is that you grow in knowledge in how the market works so that you can and profitably earn in the market!

God bless you and may you have a great week ahead!

TEchnical Analysis

PCOR could drop to 11.09 if it breaks below 11.60. The stock is still bearish. #ChartSmarts

JFC could drop 6.4% to 173 if the breakdown continues. #ChartSmarts
A failure of URC to break from 178 could make it drop to 168. #ChartSmarts
DNL is still in a study uptrend. Hold and let profits run! #ChartSmarts
BDO is close the resistance&could drop to 93if selling would persist. But indicators are showing it could push higher.
The breakout of JGS to 54 could lead it up to 61. #ChartSmarts  
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MPI dropped from the uptrend.It could go to as low as 4.94If downward pressure continues.#ChartSmarts  
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AGI is still in a downtrend.Should it breakout it may temporarily go as high as 28.If it fails it could drop to 23.5. 
AP is still bullish however it may experience a drop to either 38.3 or 37.75 #ChartSmarts
MER is still bearish. It could drop to 251. #ChartSmarts  
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If Meg breaksout tomorrow, it has a potential to go to 4.74. If it does not it could drop to 4,14. #ChartSmarts 
If SMPH goes lower than 16.50 we may see drop to 15.88 or even to a low of 15.28. #ChartSmarts
PGOLD is still bearish and could still go lower. Support now is at 32. #ChartSmarts


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