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By: Marvin Germo | March 29, 2019

Investing in CPG

If you are a new or current investor eyeing for Century Properties Group, Inc. (CPG), now’s the time to take of this golden opportunity to increase your investment and buy what the firm has to offer. Just yesterday, March 28, CPG has disclosed that it’s going to issue a P3 billion worth of fixed-rate retail bonds with 7.8203% interest per annual. If you would compare the rate to other bonds and investment portfolios, this is considerably high. For new investors, this is your time to start investing instead of letting your money sit in banks with 0.001% interest. So, when would the company start issuing the bonds?

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Issuance of CPG Retail Bonds

The offer to issue CPG retail bonds will commence from April 1 to 5 once the Securities and Exchange Commission approved the permit to sell of the firm. The bonds will then be issued on April 15. The offer of bonds will compose of P2 billion as its base amount then 1 billion for over-subscription which will mature in 2022. The fund manager of the said retail bonds is China Bank Capital Corporation. As of today, the bonds are already more than twice over-subscribed. This means that the demand for the over-subscription has doubled since the market is very pleased with the firm’s tight offer.

Plans For The Proceeds

So far, this is the first capital transaction of CPG since its issuance in 2014. The market shows significant interest over the bonds because of the promising return the firm has offered. A portion of the proceeds from issuing the bonds will be used to finance the firm’s current project with Japan’s Mitsubishi Corporation, the Phirst Park Homes, Inc. The firm is to procure project construction and in case it needs more fund in the future, it is eager to contract to sell credit facilities. As of this writing, CPG has 5 projects lined up for the year: in Pampanga, Cavite, Laguna, and Bulacan.

CPG Future Plans

CPG has projects to start this 2019 located in the provinces. The said projects will result to a total of 7, 206 housing units in a 76.5 hectares of land. For the next 5 years, the firm plans to 33,000 units worth P57 billion in order to expand and improve its affordable segment. It’s also targeting to have a total of 300,000 SQM in its leasing business by 2020 by adding 133,000 SQM to its existing leasable spaces. The company has allocated P8-10 billion capital expenditure for this expansion and improvement of its residential projects, land acquisition, and office projects.

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