Do you want to Make Money and Grow Money?

YES, I want it!


By: Marvin Germo | July 13, 2019

In line with BSP’s Savings Consciousness Week lets talk about digital banking and how you can massively save and earn more from the tip of your fingertips! Because in the world of investing, entrepreneurship and business travel it’s not just about how you can grow your business, your craft and how you can increase revenue over the long term. It’s also about efficiency and how much time can you save so you can focus on other things that matter to you the most. After all time is the greatest asset, you cannot make more time and once you have spent your time on something you can never take it back.

That’s why in everyday life, I try as much as possible to find ways on how I could be smart with my time so I could make the most out of my day. After all, time is money and money is time.

That’s why it becomes a pain for me at times to make a trip just to go to the bank, wait until my name or number gets called so I could deposit a check. It’s time lost that I could never take back. It’s time that I could have used for business and investing.

That’s why when I heard about ING’s all digital banking, I got so excited! First of all opening my ING bank account was so easy! I was able to open my bank account in just a few minutes without me going anywhere! All I needed to do was to download the app, sign up, fill up the information needed and take pictures of valid my valid IDs along with some steps to validate my identity and I was done! There were no fees to set everything up, there’s no maintaining balance and lock in period needed! That’s so amazing for something that’s PDIC insured with a very high annual interest rate of 2.5%! That kind of interest rate is something I never got from my other traditional savings accounts!

That means, for 100,000 Pesos I get roughly Php 2,000 Pesos from interest a year as compared to 200 Pesos from my traditional savings accounts! If I would place One Million Pesos, that would mean 20,000 Pesos worth of interest earnings as compared to only 2,000 Pesos from traditional savings accounts.

That’s money working hard for me without taking any risks! In the same way it would push me to save more and not take money out as the ING app does not have any debit card function That means I get to intentionally save and not spend at a higher interest rate!

Now, because of ING’s new app, I do not need to go to the bank just for me to make a deposit!

Because of the ING app, instead of me going to the bank to deposit my checks, all I need to do now is to just take a picture of my check using the ING app and that’s it! My money gets deposited to my account! That’s living life at my own terms! That me having the liberty of doing banking anytime, anywhere without the hassle of physically going to a bank branch!

That’s so amazing!

That means there’s no more wasted time for me just to make simple banking transactions. Because of ING Philippines and its brand new app I can now receive and deposit money anytime and anywhere in the world!

This is the future of banking that’s unfolding right in front of our very eyes! That’s why if you are a person who values your time so much, if you are a person who values the convenience of not being hassled by going to bank branch each time and want to be compensated with a higher interest rate, I high suggest that you download the ING app today!