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Don’t just lessen your expenses, increase your hustle

By: Marvin Germo | February 22, 2019

Decrease Your Expenses, Increase Your Hustle

Is lessening your expenses enough? Is avoiding spending sufficient to meet your budget for the month? Some will say, some will say no. It’s only a matter of budget management. I agree that there are points in our lives that even when we do what we can to lessen our expenses, the money just slips on our hands. It’s very common especially for the people whose only source of fund is their full time job and nothing else. In fact, those who are short with their budget will most likely take out more loans therefore increasing their payable instead of their income. But, there is actually a way to get out of it. By taking into account the following ways that I am about to tell you, you will surely decrease your expenses while hustling more!

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Manage Your Expenses 

When you manage your budget right, you can decrease your expenses according to your plans. It is the first step if you want to achieve financial freedom. Think like an entrepreneur–spending less and earning more. Even without your own business, you can earn by many ways. And when I say earning, it’s not just the cash that flows in, it’s also the cash that stays in your account. To lessen your expenses, build a good financial habit. It’s as simple as setting your monthly household budget, listing the things you need from the grocery, and paying your bills on time to avoid the extra cost of penalties and fees. A lot of strategies can help you. Take the initiative to start it right away!

Hustle More 

Decreasing your expenses and avoiding to spend will not be enough. Yes, it may work at first but will it be effective when you start feeding your kids and support your family members? It is quite challenging. And the next thing you should do is to hustle more. Budget planning comes with a saying “Don’t just lessen your expenses, increase your hustle.” You need more fuel to achieve that financial freedom. By hustling, you can increase your productivity at work, think of creative ways to make your sales higher this year, or venture out into new investment and savings schemes to create more cash flows. It’s always possible if you believe you can!

Automate Your Investment and Savings

Don’t forget to take a portion of your income to put into savings or investments. It’s already the perfect formula- decrease expenses + increase hustle + automate savings and investments. If you find the right portfolio for you, your investments will help you grow the money you earn from your hard work. You have a lot of choices–stocks, bonds, commodities, etc. The decision is all yours. If you really want to become financially free and let go of your financial burden, you must learn how to put investments and savings in your priority list rather than making it an option. I tell you, once you have mastered the art of investing, success will follow.

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