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Dropping Oil Prices will cause the Philippine Economy to Surge

By: Marvin Germo | January 8, 2015

When I first wrote about oil more than a month ago, the price of oil was at 70 US Dollars per Barrel.  In the article, I mentioned that lower prices would be good for airline stocks as they would start to earn more as their biggest expense (fuel) dropped more than half in just a couple of years.  A drop in oil also, would continue to fuel our consumption driven economy  because more people have extra money to spend.

Oil Prices

I love the Philippines and amidst all the bad and sad news that we hear all around us, it’s time to talk more about good and pleasant news to keep us all excited.  The chart below is from a study made by Oxford Economics, its story has made its rounds online.  The data shows that if the price of oil would even drop even further (40 USD per Barrel), the Philippines would be one of the biggest benefeciaries of the drop.

This global drop of oil I believe, is a great opportunity for us to earn and take advantage of the potential to take our country and our personal finances to greater levels!

Oil Philippines

I believe in the whole Philippine growth story.  More people around the world are now realizing that our country is made for great things.  It’s time for us, as Filipinos to start see things different toward our country.  We live in a delightful land filled with potential to do great things.

With that so, I believe it’s time for all of us to take part of the progress, invest and take this country to heights we have never seen before.  God bless you and may this year be your best investing year yet!  It’s time to dream dreams and start walking in them.  This is our time and this is our moment!


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