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Fast Five Broke NBA Players

By: Marvin Germo | December 10, 2014

I love the NBA.  I grew up watching the greats from Larry Bird, to Michael Jordan, to Kobe Bryant and to the new breed of ballers ruling the hardcourt today.  Growing up, it was just amazing to see how these players followed their passion and also made so much money doing what they love.

However, making money is just one part of the equation.  The purpose of this post is to show you that even basketball players (in the list) who have made Billions of Pesos throughout their careers ended up with nothing a few years after retirement.  Beucase really it’s never about how much you make but how much you keep and how you make your money work hard for you.

I hope this post would serve as an eye openner that the road to financial freedom starts by saving what you have today.  Check out this edition of “Fast Five” as we rank the Fast Five Broke NBA Players!

5.  Latrell Spreewell, NBA All Star, Overall Earnings = 4.5 Billion Pesos

Broke Nba Players

4.  Vin Baker, NBA All Star, Overall Earnings = 4.5 Billion Pesos

Vin Baker Broke

3.  Antoine Walker, NBA All Star, Overall Earnings = 4.95 Billion Pesos

Boston Celtics v Indiana Pacers

2.  Scottie Pippen, NBA All Champion, Overall Earnings = 5.4 Billion Pesos

Pippen Broke

1.  Allen Iverson, NBA MVP, Overall Earnings = 9 Billion Pesos

Allen Iverson Broke


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