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Fast Five NBA Players with Businesses

By: Marvin Germo | January 1, 2015

60% of NBA Players become broke 5 years after retirement.  This means that majority of NBA players end up with nothing after the huge payouts stop.  This Fast Five article is in conjucntion with my previous article, Fast Five Broke NBA Players to show you that when you build assets and invest in things that make your money work hard for you it gives you the flexibility to let your money grow even if you stop working.

You’ll see in this article that majority of the 5 players in this list earned lesser money in their NBA careers than the Fast Five broke NBA players.  What am I saying here?  It’s all about living below your means, setting a budget, saving, not having a glamorous lifestyle and investing for the future.

Chances are majority of the players in this list will go on and have their wealth increase further years upon years after they have retired from the NBA.

If they can do it and start investing, so can you!  God bless you and have a great 2015 ahead!

5.  Small Forward – Quentin Richardson –  11 East Coast Wings


4.  Power Forward – Laphonso Ellis – 2 Jamba Juice Outlets

 La Phonso Ellis

3.  Shooting Guard – Jamal Mashburn – 18 Outback Steakhouses, 3 Dunkin Donus Cafes, 32 Papa John’s Pizza Resturants

Jamal Mashburn  

2.  Point Guard – Chancey Billups – 30 Wendys Fastfood Chains


1.  Center – Shaquille O’Neal – 19 Auntie Anne’s Pretzels



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