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Fast Five Reasons Why You Should Not Join the Lottery

By: Marvin Germo | January 16, 2015

The lottery will make you poor

I love investing and I also love teaching investing to people, from stocks, bonds or anything about personal finance! It’s just a fullfilling feeling to see lives of people change, moving them from consumer to investor.  That’s why it breaks my hear whenever I see people fall in line everyday for the lottery.  It’s sad that everytime that the 15th and 30th of the month would surface a lot of people would flock to the lottery outlets and buy a ticket for a chance to get rich.

I’m here to tell you that’s not the right way to get rich!  There  are better ways to gain wealth and to make your money work hard for you.  For this “Fast Five” post, here the Fast Five Reasons Why You Should Not Join the Lottery!  It’s time to be smart with your money and move onwards to financial freedom!

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Your chances to win the lottery are very very very very very slim.  Let me push this example further, for a 6 number lottery draw with a set of integers between 1 and 49 the chances to win are 1 in 14 Million!  I’d rather put my money stocks that earns dividends, for sure I’d get a return every year.

2. Lottery winners become broke after 5 years

Most of the lottery winners become broke 5 years after winning the lottery.  Please take note that if the lottery winner was living a normal life before, winning the lottery even drove that person deeper into the rabbit hole. Money is lost quickly when it comes without the person having the right mindset to handle it.

3. Wealth is created overtime

True wealth is not about get rich quick but rather, steady plodding and making your money grow not just now but for years to come.  Money grows when you know what to do with it.

4. The house always wins

The lottery is similar to the casino, the house always wins.  You will end up spending more that what you will ever win.

5. Wealth is built from the ground up

5.  When  you look at the world’s richest, majority if not all of them grew their wealth (or at least their parents or grandparents) from the ground up.  Some started businesses, some invested, some just really were at the right place at the right time.  Majority of wealth can be made when you create something and not by wishing that you win the lottery.

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