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Fast Five Tips On Starting your own Business

By: Marvin Germo | December 14, 2014

In most of my talks or 1:1 financial consulting sessions, aside from stocks and investing the 2nd most asked topic that I would encounter is about starting a business.  Which is quite interesting, because through the years I have seen more and more people burn with the desire to be their own boss!  I just love this trend!  Because I beleive our country needs more entreprenuers!  We need more and more people jumping in the business bandwagon to create more jobs and to make our economy stronger than ever!

For this post as part #FastFive series I invited Entrep Champ, Paulo Tibig to share “Fast Five Tips On Starting your own Business”

Study your business

2.  Consider your passion, skills and background in choosing your business.

Passion for Work

3. Shop around for a business concept.

Business Concept

4. Look for a Sustainable Business

Sustainable business

5. Don’t just go for products consider looking into services.



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