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Fast Five Tips When the Stock Market is Up

By: Marvin Germo | January 9, 2015

We just hit 7,400 levels today!  From one Filipino investor to another, congratulations!  Thank you for taking the plunge and daring to invest and going against the grain of spending and debt that has been prevalent in the Philippines.

Now that the market has been up 37% since December 2013.  Here are Fast Five tips to help you deal with the euphoria and excitement that is happening right now in the market.  I am writing this from one investor to another and all I want is the best for you and your families as you all start moving and investing towards financial freedom.

I hope this tips prove useful as you open up this year bigger and stronger!

Tip 1.  Stick to your plan no matter what!  If you are a trader, follow your technical analysis!  Take profits once you see your support lines break.  This goes for all stocks and not just the PSEI.

Plan Stocks

2.  If you are investor and have decided to buy stocks that are cheap, avoid the emotion of buying stocks now just because everyone is excited.  Some of the stocks have already gone up significantly.  Remember eventually a time will come when they all will correct down.  However, if the target stocks that you are looking for are still cheap, by all means go for it!

Investor Stocks

3.  If you consistently follow Peso Cost Averaging, don’t add more than what you have decided to add.  Don’t also sell more if its not part of your goal and your plan yet to sell.

Peso Cost Average

4.  Avoid your emotions at all times.  If your stocks are down, don’t get envious at those who have stocks that are up.  Learn from your past selections and move forward.  On the otherharnd, if your stocks are up, no need to compare your gains with other people.  You are not in competition with anyone but rather you are in the same journey with them towards financial freedom!

Winning Celebrations

5.  Respect the market and realize that runs like this will not last forever.  There will always be areas where sellers will dominate the market and the PSEI will have to correct as a whole.

Restpect the market


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