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Fast Five Ways to Save on Noche Buena

By: Marvin Germo | December 23, 2014

Merry Christmas everyone!  My greatest desire is to see you save money this holiday season and enter 2015 strong!  As Noche Buena is a staple in every Filipino Christmas celebration, here are the Fast Five Ways to Save on your Noche Buena!

1.  Estimate how many guests you have – In the thick of the holiday season, you may tend to overshop and buy more ingredients than what you really need with the attempt to cook more food.  This in turn would lead to more wastage and for some spoilage.

   Noche Buena

2.  Do not serve food just to impress – You do not need to buy expensive food items just to impress friends and relatives.  Only buy stuff that’s in your budget.  It would be better to have a simple meal than have a grand meal than go into debt for it.

Expensive Food

3.  Buy Keso de bola only if needed.  Sometimes people just buy this for tradition’s sake.  If no one in your family eats Keso de bola then there’s no need to buy it.

Keso de bola

4.  Sliced Ham is cheaper than the round-cured ham by more than 50%.


5.  Re-use untouched food  – Let nothing be wasted.  What you save now will help you over the long term.



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