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Fast Five Yielding Local Mutual Funds for the Year

By: Marvin Germo | December 10, 2014

This goes out to every Filipino looking for better yields than what the normal savings account could provide.  I have compiled the top 5 local mutual funds in terms of yield for the year with the help of mutual fund advocate, Mon Lao.  Just a disclaimer the basis of this ranking is just based on the yield to date from January 1, 2014 to December 10, 2014 only.  I will be giving timely updates on the fund rankings on different “Fast Five” posts along with historical yields spanning longer periods of time.

The heart of this post is to encourage more people who have not invested yet to start investing.  You will never get this kind of yields just leaving your money in the bank.  I really want to see a greater base of Filipinos investing and making their money work hard for them.  I believe this is the time that we have been waiting for to see more Filipinos be financially free by investing.  The time to invest is now.

Check out the “Fast Five Yielding Local Mutual Funds for the Year”

Mutual Funds Yields


Year To Date


ATRKE Alpha Opportunity Fund, Inc.



Philequity Dividend Yield Fund, Inc



Philequity Fund Inc



Philippine Stock Index Fund Corp.



Philequity PSE Index Fund Inc.



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