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By: Marvin Germo | February 25, 2020

Different Perspectives On Money

People have different perspectives on money. A young professional may have a better money mindset than an adult who’s been working as an employee for a long time. The biggest problem for those who want to get rich in this country is not their lack of ability to find money-making schemes, but their common mindset that keeps on dragging them down financially. Here in the Philippines, the money mindset of typical Filipinos can be easily recognized. I want to share this blog with you guys so I can recommend some ways on how to deal with the current money culture we have.

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Filipinos Are Survivors

Filipinos survive in many ways and when it comes to money, a typical Filipino is contented with the income he’s receiving from a single source, his employment salary for example. It’s not a bad thing to rely on a single income, especially if it can cover your expenses. However, this is more of a survival journey than a trip to success. You will not be financially free if you will live your life with one source of income forever. Yes, you can survive, but what if you lose your job because of unexpected events? What if an emergency happens and you don’t have enough funds in your savings account?

Filipinos Are Financially Dependent

This is the biggest truth we are facing right now. A typical Filipino relies on his family members for financial support once there’s someone who is capable of giving money to the family. This is the wrong mindset. You don’t have to depend on your family forever. You have a separate life that you need to work on as you grow older. You can’t rely on the government either for public benefits because we all know that there are a lot of poor people being supported by public funds.

Dealing With Filipino Money Culture

The easiest way to deal with these common Filipino money culture is to think differently. Live your life outside this money culture. Instead of settling to a survival income, look for ways to increase your earnings. Look for part-time jobs that can make you money. Become a freelancer online as additional to your streams of income. Build your own business if you want. This will lead you to become a financially independent person in the future. Explore the world and do not imprison yourself with the current toxic Filipino money culture we have.

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