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Financial Freedom LogBook: Week 5

By: Marvin Germo | December 12, 2013

Week 5 of our financial log book series!  I’d like to thank everyone who have been sending their emails, comments, and questions!  Last week was a combination of learning, media guestings and talks!  I just love what I do and I hope that this website continues to be an inspiration to more and more Filipinos going towards financial freedom!

Market Outlook with the BSP’s Deputy Governor Diwa Guinigundo – I had such an amazing time hearing the wisdom of our Deputy Governor!  He shared 10 points on why the Philippines is steam rolling forward and why 2014 would still be an amazing year for us!

ANC On The Money – Had the honor to share the show with 11 other financial analysts and consultants.  As we each shared our financial tips on how Filipinos can save, invest, get out of debt and handle their money well this holiday season.  I just love this show as this is a tool to help Filipinos move from debt to life and from consumers to investors.  Catch the airing of this tomorrow December 13 and 20!

Stock Smarts: The Top 15 Stocks for 2014! – This was our last Stock Smarts workshop for the year as we shared from a fundamental and technical analysis point of view which stocks are worth getting into for 2014.  In spite of volatility and a lot of external shocks due to the possible FED tapering I believe there are a lot of select stocks that are worth getting into.  Stock Smarts will return again this January 16, 2014!

Studio 23’s Iba Balita by Anthony Taberna:  – I enjoyed this taping!  As it was my task to help an OFW manage his finances for this holiday season.  As I gave tips on how Filipinos can actually start saving and investing when more money would come their way this season.  OFWs are very dear to my heart because I really want to see their lives bigger and better when they come back to the country.  I really believe they are our heroes who help stimulate our economy and they deserve to have their money work hard for them.

Stock Smarts Book Signing  – Thanks to everyone who grabbed a copy of my book!  I’m grateful for joining me in this journey towards financial freedom!  I really believe that the stock market is really an amazing avenue for Filipinos to make their money grow!

UNTV’s Rise and Shine – I enjoyed this live guesting!  As this show helped me address how Filipinos should treat the bonuses that they would receive this Christmas!  I really believe that bonuses are an extra and should be used to pay off debt or should be saved and invested first before buying things that depreciate or are not needed.

94.7 Mellow Phone Interview – To cap off the week, I had a phone interview with Mellow 94.7.  I helped address a caller who had a dilemma of buying an expensive bag for a Christmas gift or just buy a cheaper one and save what’s left.  I told the caller to look at his budget and to see if he buys the gift it would sacrifice other things like saving and investing.  If it would, I told him not to buy it.  As a rule of thumb, let’s not buy anything that will deviate us from our financial goals.  We should spend less than what we make, budget and let our money work hard for us.

We are approaching Christmas, my biggest desire is for everyone not to spend everything this season and have more than enough to save and invest for 2014.  2014 will be an amazing year and its time for more Filipinos to step into it!  God bless you guys!

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