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By: Marvin Germo | February 8, 2020

People Are Growing Old

We are growing old. Time is not something we have control of. If you are 20 to 30 years old, you should continue hustling until you have enough money to spend on your retirement. And by the age of 40, you must be able to develop good financial habits. You don’t want to waste any more of your time spending on things that won’t make you valuable someday. You have to follow your own financial rules. Today, I am going to share with you the financial rules you need to live by when you reach the age of 40.

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Create A Stable Passive Income

At the age of 40, you should have a stable passive income already. You should start doing this today, especially if you are still in your 20s. You can avoid rushing things if you have a stable source of earnings during your middle life. However, since some people are only capable of making additional streams of income at 40, you can still start opening your account or building your source of passive income at this age. It’s better late than never.

Retirement Fund

By this age, you should have a retirement fund already. Regardless if it’s SSS or other insurance plans, you need to have a source of pension so that by the time you quit working, you can still sustain your needs. If you have an SSS account, ensure that you have at least 240 contributions so you can qualify to receive a pension. Always keep a record of your insurance plans with guaranteed retirement income when you reach the age of 65 or above. That information will serve as proof that you are the owner of the plan.

Increase Your Income, Decrease Your Expenses

There are two concepts that I want you to understand in this section. First is increasing your income while sustaining your expenses. Some people look for extra streams of income to increase the amount of savings they have. As their income increases, their expenses remain the same. On the other hand, there are people who decrease their expenses while sustaining their income. If you don’t have time to find another source of income, you can decrease your expenses instead. This will give you a chance to save more money.

Buy Assets That Earn

Clearly, you need assets that earn because you might be thinking of quitting your job at this age. There is no wrong in quitting your job. But, ensure that you have enough sources of money so you can still be financially free while living your life to the fullest at 40. Buy properties and turn them into rental businesses. Don’t settle with your house as your only asset because it won’t make you money. You need more than that.

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