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By: Marvin Germo | July 30, 2019

Fortnite World Cup Champ

Kyle Giersdorf just won 3 Million USD (150 Million Pesos) in the Fortnite World cup! While Tiger Woods won 2 Million USD (100 Million Pesos)!
When we were younger, older people told us not to play video games and just focus on our studies. Now times are changing, kids are encouraged to focus on video games and train massively. Along with vlogging, digital marketing and being an influencer, these are careers that did not exist 20 years ago that will be even more massive in the future! In 2018, the E-Gaming industry was about 135 Billion USD! Today it is one of the largest and most followed sporting events in the world and this is just the beginning.

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The Way Out

Today, education and having a safe and stable job is not the only way out. Follow your skill. Pursue what you are good at. Double down on what you know you love to do. When we were younger we were taught that we had to be good at everything in school. I’m telling you, if you try to be good at everything, at best you will just be average and no one pays for average. You have to be the best at what you do. Focus on what you are good, ignore the irrelevant noise telling you that you can’t do it and punt everything else. That’s the way to win. Remember that the path taken by most of the people is not always the best way out. You can take the road less taken and focus on your dreams and passion.

Technology Can Help You

Now that the world is drastically changing, you can switch from the old ways to the new ones by utilizing the technology we have right now. Just look at the kids who are winning in e-games. Look at successful vloggers who are monetizing the YouTube accounts and blogs. Digital influencers are everywhere. You can be like them too if you are keen to discover how you can use technology to boost and improve your skills. You can forget about the traditional tactics of strengthening your skills. You can be digital and strong in your chosen field. You must keep in mind that technology can help you in a lot of ways. Embrace the change!

Set Aside The Doubts

Doubts can only make you weaker. While you are doing what you are good at, try to build your confidence alongside. You must have solid self-esteem in order to in everything that you do. You may hear a lot of negative feedback and some people may try to bring you down when you focus on the only thing that makes you confident and skillful but they are just distractions. Instead of focusing on the doubts of others, set aside what you hear and believe that you can. Follow the path you believe you can sow in order for you to reap it all in the end.

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