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By: Marvin Germo | April 24, 2019

From 4G To 5G

The Telco industry is currently providing 4G network in the Philippines and as technology advances, the possibility of launching a 5G connection is now viable. Just recently, Globe Telecom, Inc. announced that it is set to launch 5G network this coming June of the year. It was disclosed by its President and CEO, Mr. Cu, during the annual stockholder’s meeting last April 23. This is actually a very good news, not just for people who use the internet for social media but as well as for investors and businessmen in the country. So, what are some of the Globe’s plan as it aims towards a faster connection for its clients?

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Globe and Huawei

To push through with launching the 5G network, Globe is teaming up with Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd and the initial launching would be through a home broadband. According to the firm, this new project will impel the adaption of the Internet of Things (IoT). The Internet of Things, as what it is called, is something that links the internet and the devices each of one has and as of now considered as an essential part of the telco industry’s future betterment and growth. Globe also disclosed that there will be a significant transition from 50 Mbps to 100 Mbps per second and the initial launch will be conducted in areas with high density of cell sites. This, particularly, will happen in Metro Manila and nearby centers in the provinces.

Benefits Of 5G Network 

Aside from improving the adaption of IoT, the firm also told that this project will change how businesses and several other industries work. Those who operate with the help of the internet will be able to use a safer and more efficient ways to serve its customers within different cities. Companies will have a use of smart grid, asset management, smart metering for power transmission and distribution, and it will advance medicine as well. Advantages would also include, for some enterprises, connected vehicle fleets, factory automation, predictive maintenance, and work force training and field support. There are more examples to this and Globe can’t wait for this all to be in running.

Capital Expenditure For 2019

This 2019, the year for the launching of 5G network, is an important moment for Globe. This firm is targeting to allocate about P63 billion as its capital expenditure budget to supply the increasing demand for data services. Last year 2018, this telco company reported an P18.447 billion net income, considerably 22% higher than its 2017 figures. The higher revenue was due to the increased demands for data services and other related products. For investors who are looking for companies to invest in this year, you might want to consider investing in this Ayala-led firm.

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