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Goals For Investing

By: Marvin Germo | March 23, 2019

Set Your Goals If You Want To Financial Freedom

Investing should be goal-based. Imagine yourself putting all your money in investments then pulling them out the next day. If you have financial goals you want to achieve, investing would come easy to you. It’s just like setting your objectives when you want something in return for the long haul. Although it’s not a requirement before you invest, it’s something that you should have if you want to triple down your money in the market. This is what I tell everyone who asks me what’s encouraging me to do invest more– goals drive you to become financially free in life and they help you set out your plans for your family.

To help you with your goal-based investing, here are my personal goals why I invest regularly in the market.

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Early Retirement

Isn’t this what most of us want in the future? An early retirement? This tops my personal goals why I invest in the market in a regular basis. If you set early retirement as your priority, it will drive you to stay still in the market until you reach the age when you want to retire from work or from your business. As what I always say, time is a big factor when investing. So no matter what your age is right now, you should start planning for your early retirement if you don’t want to see yourself working at the age of 65 and above.

Tuition Free For Your Kids

I started investing in stocks even before I got married. That’s how driven I am to invest and become financially free. When you got married and have kids, the next thing that would worry you the most is the money you are going to spend to send them to school. Paying tuition fees is not a one time transaction. For the next 20 or 30 of years of your life, you will still see yourself paying for your son’s or daughter’s schooling. If you have children right now and you don’t want to get buried in debts because of tuition fees, this should be your major goal to fuel you to start investing now.

Buying A House Or Car

If you are single and you want to own a house or car without wearying yourself because of work, buying a house or car should be one of your goals why you should invest. This helps a lot especially if you’re current salary is not enough for a house’s monthly amortization. If you start your goal-based investing now, you will obtain your dream house or car in just a span of 5 years or less.

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