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Golden Age for the Philippines

The Golden Age of Infrastructure in the Philippines

By: Marvin Germo | April 19, 2017

I’ve always been a fan of the Philippine growth story. Ever since I started investing in the stock market, I have been tracking and following our economy. Over the past decade, I must say that we have grown by leaps and bounds. We have grown by so much in recent years but I really believe that in the next decade or so we will experience unprecedented growth. But not just that, I believe the growth will be experienced by the common Filipino. Whenever I would travel to different cities around the world, tears would follow down my eyes whenever I would see subway and train systems that are so massive that it’s so easy and safe to travel from point A to point B. Now, I get to see all of that come to pass in the Philippines. This is now our time, our moment in the sun, where we have our shot to make the growth more inclusive.

Golden Age for the Philippines

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Baby steps towards the right direction

I had the chance to attend the Dutertenomics Forum (this is not a political post but an economic post support the country) in Conrad Hotel yesterday where the economic team laid out the plans for the country. They showed past and current projects that will have an immediate impact once completed, plus new projects that are in the pipeline. This got me even more excited, as we will see massive trains systems, subways and expressways that will be created in less than a decade. 

Mark Villar

This massive infrastructure spending will create new jobs and businesses and it will spur economic growth in the areas where this massive projects will connect into.

Snippets of the infrastructure plans for the Philippines

As part of this blog post, I have uploaded snippets of the forum to show you the next chapter of how the infrastructure landscape in the Philippines will evolve. For those who are into investing in the stock market, this means that construction (MPI, AC, SMC, EEI, MWIDE) and cement (HLCM) companies will make more money. This also means that property companies (ALI, MEG, SMPH, FLI, RLC) that are close or connected to this projects will also make money. Banks will also be tied up to this because for every project created, banks would help fund it. More people hired from this types of projects will lead to higher consumption. We are just on fire and guess what? This is just the beginning!


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