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By: Marvin Germo | May 26, 2019

Financial Struggles Come Anytime

Financial challenges come at any point in time. If you think this is only experienced by people who can’t manage their money well, you’re thinking wrong. Even if you have a big amount of savings sitting in your bank account or significant yields stored in your investment account, you never know what lies ahead of you. You never when emergencies can happen which can drain your savings. You never know when will the market go down and exhaust all your earnings. The point here is that you should always prepare yourself for what may happen. It’s not bad to enjoy saving and investment. But you have to do preparations so you would be ready when financial struggles come. Now, the question is, how can you really invest if you’re struggling financially right now? Is it even possible?

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Change How You Think In Terms Of Money

Financial struggles cannot be avoided but it can be mitigated if you learn how to manage your money well. A part of Filipino culture, specifically about money, is that a lot of Filipinos don’t prioritize their savings. They always think that expenses must be paid for first before you even think of depositing an amount into your bank account. Filipinos often think that they need to get a job and work to pay for the bills. Only a few think that they should work in order to save and invest in the future. Even if you’re struggling financially right now, you can still invest if you change your mindset when it comes to money. You have to think ahead of everyone. You need to separate yourself from those who are only working to survive. You should prioritize your savings.

50% 25% 25%

A lot of successful people have a saving or investing principle. Say, for example, Chinkee Tan, one of the great financial advisors in the country uses the 50%, 25%, 25% concept when it comes to savings. 50% goes to savings, 25% goes to business funds, and 25% goes to expenses. If you apply this to your budget plans, you will learn how advantageous it is saving a big portion of your salary. You will also experience that the more you spend, the more you can enjoy because you are actually saving more. And if you have financial struggles right now, you can change the percentage according to your preference and your capacity. The important part here is that you don’t copy the percentage or the amount but instead, you apply the principle to your life

Learn How To Save First, Then Learn The Art Of Investing

It’s important to remember that before you enter the investment industry, you must learn how to save first. How can you invest without saving money first? Where will get you the money you are going to put in your investment account if you don’t have any savings? Learning is a very important part of the process. You should be willing to undergo all of these studying and reading if you want to be a successful investor someday. To keep you fueled, always keep in mind that there’s money in investing!

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