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By: Marvin Germo | September 27, 2019

You Can Avoid Greed 

One thing you should learn when you start investing is that greed is what makes you the worst investor. There are a lot of answers to your whys and today, I am going to share with you how greed affects your investing journey. Although greed is totally avoidable, there are still investors out there who cannot contain their excitement when it comes to earning money. Some people forget that investing is not all about cash, which is why it all comes down to one thing at the end of the line—big loss.

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Greed Can Make You A Poor Decision Maker

It’s all true. Greed can turn people into something they are not. If you are a good decision maker before, you can become a poor decision-maker now if you let greed takes over you. How come? Greedy investors can’t see anything but peso or other currency signs. Once they see that their stocks are going to get a high profit now, they will go for it without considering whether it is a good decision or not. What about the buy and hold strategy? Yes, someone who sees only money tends to forget about strategies. You may not realize now but as you go deeper to the market, there will be times that you will be tempted to gamble all your money.

Greed Is A Big Loss

Greed is a big loss no matter what level it is. Greed is greed. If you are just starting to invest now and you have no idea of how the market works yet, it is essential that you learn how to control your emotions over money. When you are new, you want to try everything out, right? Even if it poses risk to your money as long as you experience it, you will definitely go for it. What more if during your first try you already earned a big amount of cash? Of course, you will go for more without fully learning the process. You will go for more because you believe that there’s more to earn until you exhaust all your resources and there’s no more left to gamble. It is a big loss for you if you stay greedy.

Losses Forever

Aside from being a big loss, greedy is not something that could go away after days or week of avoiding it. There will be moments when you want to put all your money in an investment or withdraw it for minor purposes. You can be a greedy investor forever if you don’t learn how to avoid it. Remember that it is a process. Don’t rush things if you want to be a good investor of stocks, bonds, or mutual funds. Learn to let go of greed.

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