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How much do you need to invest in the US Stock Market?

By: Marvin Germo | February 16, 2021

The US stock market is a big room full of opportunities. Venturing into US stocks is technically easy, just like you are investing in PSEI. You can open an account with a US broker and put your money in stocks. You can make your money grow for you without having to work another full-time job from 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM.

You might be wondering how much does it take to start investing and trading US stocks. Actually, you don’t need a massive amount to invest in US stocks. Here’s why.

$200 to get started

Stock brokers in the US don’t require a huge amount of money so you can start. Etoro only requires at least $200 for new investors in the Philippines. You only need 10,000 pesos to start venturing into the US market. This is low compared to other brokers. So, if you don’t have enough money for stocks, you can join with at least 10,000 pesos. You can also regularly top up so that it won’t be too heavy for you. Start accumulating at least 10,000 pesos now so you can join the 1% who are also investing in the US stock market.

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Made for retail investors

Stock brokers in the US are made for retail investors. This is why you don’t need millions to start investing in US stocks. You can start small and gradually increase your investment by adding to it regularly. Retail investors are those people like you who don’t have big money like institutions. You don’t need a massive amount of cash to start investing because the US stock market allows small investors to trade and invest. It’s not a qualification for you to be rich when you start investing in US stocks. As early as now, you should be looking at the small capital requirement. To invest in US Stocks – Click this.

Different brokers, different requirements

You can also find other US brokers that offer lower or higher deposits than Etoro. For example, there are US brokers that  can be opened with only 2,000 pesos. However, there are different features that you need to consider. Some brokers doesn’t offer a lot of stocks. You can only trade a couple of stocks with leverage. You see, the lower the capital requirement is, the more limited your investing or trading could be. Different brokers, different requirements. Be careful when choosing your broker.

Regular top-up

Also, regular top-ups are common for small investors. You don’t need to have millions already upon investing. You can accumulate that amount by regularly putting in more money in your investments. Let’s say, $100 monthly. After a couple of years, you will see your money growing day by day. Aim to regularly top up your investment account. You might start small today but imagine the time you have to accumulate your investments. You will be rich in a couple of years as long as you stay disciplined and determined.

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