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How much should you invest in forex?

By: Marvin Germo | March 30, 2021

If you are planning to invest in forex, you should consider your budget for your investing or trading. Don’t enter the market without financial planning beforehand. Although forex brokers allow a minimum amount of, let’s say $50 or $100 for you to trade, you should only start trading with a plan and strategy.

If you are new to forex and you want to know much you should invest in it, let me share with you some tactics so you can spend your money wisely and trade with confidence.

Your broker’s minimum deposit

One of the factors that you should consider when you invest is the minimum deposit allowed by your broker. This serves as your initial investment. If you don’t meet the minimum deposit requirement, you wouldn’t be able to invest in the first place. It’s essential that you inquire about the minimum deposit amount of your broker before you do anything else. If you think the minimum amount required doesn’t meet your budget, then look for another broker. So far, I’ve seen brokers with a $50 minimum deposit. This is more or less P2,500 in our currency. This should be enough for those who are just starting.

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Depends on your budget

Another thing is your budget. The minimum amount you can invest will depend on your budget. Are you willing to spend $200 in forex? Are you sure you are willing to lose that amount? If yes and $200 is not appropriated for other things like medical bills or emergency expenses, then it’s enough budget to start investing in forex. When analyzing how much you should invest, always consider your budget. I know not everyone can take out P10,000 from their pockets. It’s important that you have a starting plan before you enter the market. To have a Bitcoin Wallet click here. 

Start with a small amount

The “small” amount I am talking about here is the amount you can tolerate to lose. If you can only afford to lose $50, there’s nothing wrong with it. It’s your own trading plan. Start with a small amount, then if you have more savings, gradually increase your investments. This is how you can make your trading journey worthwhile. You don’t need to have a lot of money to invest. You can always start with P2,500 and increase it to P10,000 as time passes by. And as you increase your investment, don’t forget to set your greediness aside.

Remember this

Remember how volatile forex is. If you don’t know how to trade properly, you are putting your money on fire. If this is just for venturing out, I suggest you trade or invest with a small amount so that in case the market goes in an opposite direction than what you are expecting, you will only lose a small amount. Also, don’t forget that you should only invest the amount you are willing to lose. Don’t take out a loan to invest in forex. Don’t put your emergency funds here. Trade with safety measures to protect your money.

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