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By: Marvin Germo | March 30, 2020

Losing Money in Real Estate?

It’s possible to lose money in real estate. Although this is one of the most ideal low-risk investments, it doesn’t always guarantee a profit. Like the stock market, there is still volatility in this investment portfolio. If you want to invest in real estate, expect that there will be two things to happen—you will either lose or win, especially if you don’t know how to properly manage your properties. For you not to lose a significant amount of your real estate investments, there’s something you must do and here are the possible solutions I recommend.

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Don’t Keep Your Property Idle For Too Long

If you are investing in real estate for the purpose of keeping it idle, you are doing it wrong. There are a lot of ways to earn from real properties and one best way is to rent it out. Avoid keeping your property idle for too long if you don’t want to lose money. Look for tenants that can rent out your place even for a short period of time. And when you offer your place, make sure that it’s in good condition so you can still attract renters to get your property.

Execute Your Business Plans

Each investor has different business plans when purchasing real properties. If you are planning to invest in it for capital appreciation, execute your business plans once you get hold of your property. If your goal is to rent it out, find tenants or list your property so people can see your offers. Remember it’s not ideal to leave your properties idle. The money will pour instantly and continuously if you do your plans timely. This means that you will avoid losing money if you will immediately put your property in business once it’s ready.

To avoid losing money, don’t let minor damages destroy your properties. You should be able to spot minor damages immediately so you can do repairs and maintenance early. Small damages will become big if you will let it happen. I suggest that you prepare yourself to spend on minor repairs to save the condition of your real properties. This is a part of your responsibility as a property owner and investor. In lieu of stock monitoring, you will monitor the wear and tear of your properties instead.

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