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By: Marvin Germo | June 2, 2019

Mindset Is Important

Having the right mindset is important. I bet you’ve read and heard about that many times in your life when you read blogs about investment, attend seminars, and finish money-related books. Mindset is too important because this is the first thing that drives an individual to be different from the rest of the population. Having the mindset of an entrepreneur or an investor is an essential attribute if you’re thinking to start your own business or invest in stocks, bonds, and other funds. However, before you can acquire this proper mindset we’re talking about, there is a rough road ahead. Switching from different thinking to another is a process and everyone goes through that procedure step by step. If you’re wondering how you can do this, here’s what you need to do to start changing your money mindset.

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Forget What They Told You About Money

The first thing you need to do to correct your money mindset is to forget about what they told you about money when you were still a child. There are a lot of myths and theories about money, really. Some of us have been told that for you to have a big load of cash, you need to finish your study and work hard afterward. This is what Filipino culture has been since the beginning. Only a few were told to become financially educated and become a businessman or investor right after. If you’re the former, leave it in the past. Think the other way around. Educate yourself to become not just a regular employee. Think about financial freedom and retiring young.

Be Thankful 

Practice gratitude. That’s the next thing you need to practice. You can’t live with money without being thankful for it. Observe anyone who was once rich and lost his money because he failed to appreciate the value of it. See what happens to a person who doesn’t appreciate money as a blessing? Most of the times, investors and businessmen lose direction because they lack the practice of gratitude. You can change the way you think by starting to thank for blessing you with such abundance. Money is powerful and valuable regardless of the amount. You can get rich by starting small, you can get wealthy by starting big. Be grateful with what you have, that’s one of the steps to change your money mindset.

Dream Big

It’s not bad to dream big. Setting huge goals actually helps. If you want to be financially free in the near future, you should set your objectives higher than anyone else. After setting your goals, act upon it with gratitude and perseverance. I met a lot of successful people who dreamt big and never stopped reaching their dreams. Again, it’s not about the amount of money you have. It’s all about how you think and how you imagine. If you start imagining limitless, that’s the time you will attract positive forces that can help you become confident when investing, trading, or doing business. Never stop dreaming!

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